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Meet Our Team

Tigran Alikhanyan


Teaching for over three decades and tutoring for even longer, Tigran Alikhanyan is a passionate and experienced mathematics professor. Tigran founded Education & Beyond because he feels in recent years students are experiencing increasing difficulty in keeping up in their classes. Rather than merely helping people pass their class or a test through memorization, Tigran is dedicated to ensuring his students master course and test material through logic and an understanding of the fundamentals.

Vanane Alikhanyan


With a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and an M.A. in English Literature, Vanane Alikhanyan joined her father as part of the Education & Beyond team as a generalist tutor looking forward to working with students with a variety of educational goals. Vanane has nearly a decade of tutoring experience and has been employed at Granada Hills Charter High School and CSUN as a multi-subject tutor and writing lab instructor respectively.

Our Mission

Education & Beyond's mission is to help you reach your highest potential by pairing you with an experienced and qualified educator for a quality learning experience. 


With us, we promise you'll get affordable tutoring that gets results. Our tutors are experts in their respective subjects and vary their teaching techniques depending on the needs of each student. We emphasize mastering concepts and critical thinking over memorization and repetition, empowering students to take charge of learning in and out of the classroom with the skills we provide. Beyond flexibility in technique, we offer online tutoring via Zoom, so learning with us is as convenient as it is effective. If you prefer learning in person, however, we also offer on-site tutoring. No matter your age, educational background, or learning preferences, Education & Beyond can help.

But don’t take our word for it—try us out today and see how we can help you excel well beyond the classroom.

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